About Us

MacLeod Scott Disclosures has been a Disclosure Scotland umbrella body since 2015.

About MacLeod Scott Disclosures

Many organisations requiring disclosure checks for their staff, choose to outsource their disclosures to an umbrella body.

As an umbrella body, MacLeod Scott Disclosures processes numerous applications every day from private and public sector employers, recruitment agencies and anyone requiring a disclosure check from Disclosure Scotland.

We are based in Glasgow. We have a growing team of registered counter signatories to process your disclosure applications. We deliver a high quality disclosure service to clients across Scotland and beyond.

Follow the guidance below to find out how to apply for a disclosure check.


Choose from 4 ways to apply for a disclosure check

1. Employers can use our site to buy one or more disclosure checks for their staff.

2. Employers can refer their staff directly to our site to buy a disclosure check.

3. Employers can email us their order. Please contact us for an application form and invoice.

4. Employers can refer their staff directly to us. Please contact us for an applicant referral form and invoice.

Applicants will receive their disclosure direct from Disclosure Scotland within 14 working days, or longer if there are any errors or queries.

See our FAQ’s page for information about pricing.