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MacLeod Scott Disclosures has been a Disclosure Scotland umbrella body since 2015.

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    Choose from 3 types. Incudes Basic, Standard & Enhanced, Join the PVG Scheme, PVG
    update for existing members.

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    Once you have purchased a disclosure check, you will be issued with an order number
    as well as a link to the online application form.

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    Applicants will receive their disclosure directly from Disclosure Scotland within 14 working days, or longer if they have any queries.

Types of Disclosure Checks

Basic, Standard & Enhanced Checks

Disclosure Scotland checks and shares information about your criminal record. The level of disclosure required depends on the type of work you are doing.


Join the PVG

If you are doing regulated work you will need to join the PVG Scheme. Regulated work is when you work with children or protected adults.


PVG Scheme

If you are a PVG scheme member Disclosure Scotland keeps checking your suitability to continue working with children or protected adults.